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City of Kotor and Kotor riviera


Kotor is an old central city of Boka Kotorska. Through centuries the city prospered thanks to its position as a main point of the trade crossroads, and the development of the maritime transport, for Kotor with its fleet of sailing ships gained a top position among others Mediterranean maritime shipping centres of that time.  With such a wealthy cultural and historic heritage Kotor remained a real museum with numerous buildings originating from the time of Republic of Venice but also from the time of the rules of Byzantine Empire. Kotor is protected by the UNESCO World Heritage Centre.

Here it has to be specially mentioned Dobrota which is one part of the city of Kotor. Dobrota is particularly famoust for its palaces once constructed and owned by a wealthy captains and seamen. The glory of these buildings can be felt even today.




Less than 15 minutes drive from Kotor one reaches city of Perast. Even though it is one of the oldest inhabited places in the bay (there have been found remains of Neolithic culture), Perast gained its most distinguished characteristics during 17th  and 18th century, and became one of the most beautiful examples of baroque construction style on the whole Adriatic coast. Two islands, Gospa od Skrpjela and Sv. Djordje, in the vicinity of Perast make integral part of the city.

Kotor (Cataro)



Shortly after Perast one arrives to Risan which well known in history as a main city or Ilyric queen Teuta. Today in Risan one can see well preserved Roman Mosaics, of which the most well known is mosaic presenting  the Roman god Hypnos


Kotor Riviera comprises the following places: Kostanjica, Morinj, Lipci, Strp, Risan, Perast, Drazin Vrt, Orahovac, Ljuta, Dobrota, Kotor, Muo, Prcanj and Stoliv.


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