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City of Herceg Novi and Herceg Novi riviera


Herceg Novi is situated at the very entrance to the bay of Boka Kotorska. The whole city and the surroundings remind of a big botanical garden rich with Mediterranean and various exotic plants. Within this environment numerous cultural and historic monuments gain more on their esthetics and specific architecture. The combination of Roman, Byzantine and Oriental styles blended together with specific Mediterranean flavour speak for themselves about long and turbulent history of the city. Herceg Novi is also known as a city of artists for many painters, sculptors and writers for many of them found their inspiration in such a gorgeous environment.

Herceg Novi

Just beside city of Herceg Novi there is town of Igalo. Once it was a small fishing settlement, however in ‘50es it started a rapid development thanks to high quality conditions for development of health tourism. With its Health Institute Igalo today became a leading regional tourist center. Among all other places in the bay only Herceg Novi and Igalo have direct view to the gate of the bay and to the open sea.

Herceg Novi (Castel Novo)


Herceg Novi

Herceg-Novi Riviera comprises the following places: Njivice, Igalo, Herceg Novi, Meljine, Zelenika, Kumbor, Djenovici, Baosici, Bijela i Kamenari. Also here belong Rose and Zanjice which are located at the peninsula of Lustica.


Alongside the whole Herceg-Novi Riviera there are attractive beaches, picnic and camping areas of which the most famoust are Rose, Zanjice and Arza with Mamula island.

Herceg Novi
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