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Along the whole coast of Boka there is a chain of small towns and settlements among which there are three major cities: Herceg Novi, Kotor and Tivat. Municipality regions of those three cities segregate Boka’s coastline on three rivieras: Herceg Novi Riviera, Kotor Riviera and Tivat Riviera

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Each city and town in Boka has its specific identities all of which attract and appeal visitors. While the main attribute of  Herceg Novi is its natural fascinating botanic garden, Kotor is identified as a monument of culture and history. Tivat on the other hand has its advantage in a nautical component of its tourist offer. Certainly the whole coast of Boka Kotorska is plentiful of beaches and bathing resorts. The biggest of these can be found along Herceg-Novi and Tivat Riviera, while the smallest and most intimate beaches are scattered along Kotor Riviera.

For each and every one’s taste Boka has to offer something special. It is the best if one tries everything. Of course it is not possible to discover Boka entirely in one glance and that is the very charm, always to come back to it to experience something new with each visit. While you are in Boka Kotorska we sincerely recommend to enjoy the entire bay and not just to be bound to one place.          



City of Herceg-Novi

and Herceg-Novi riviera

    city of Herceg Novi and Herceg Novi riviera  

City of Kotor

and Kotor riviera

    city of Kotor and Kotor riviera  

City of Tivat

and Tivat riviera

    City of Tivat and Tivat riviera  

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